Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama- 44 President of U.S. 20/1/09

The inauguration of Obama may or may not be America's dream come true. But I can't say that. He may be the nation's best president yet. It's totally unpredictable. 2009-2013 will probably be America’s Pax Romana or its collapse. All we can do is hope. Hope that in these 4 short years, the United States will rise to do its best to restore what their forefathers had instilled since the year 1620. But if Obama retires from office, will what good he has accomplished also retire with him? Perhaps he is the one who will delay the fall of America just like Emperors Diocletian and Constantine did. The nation has fallen slowly but steadily these past years, but, with God’s leading and guidance, if they take it, this country can gain back the ground lost. They must do their part by trying their best to work with the Lord’s leading. We'll see. :]

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Zits(winner of the Reuben Award in 2001). A comic strip that is obviously my favorite and most read above all comics. It is hilarious and seriously funny. THAT'S what I enjoy about the strip. It's like "wow!" they are so crazily creative, portraying what teens go through, and at the same time giving a great laugh. Every strip never fails to bore me. The comic is basically based on an average fictional teen named Jeremy Duncan. And you know, as all teens pass through stages, he is going through the stage in which his parents are a constant embarrassment and are generally green in the area of technology. Jeremy is an aspiring rock star and has started a band with his friends: Hector Garcia, Pierce, and Tim Olson(did I miss any?). Well, that's just the intro of a one really cool comic.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Look Behind

As we step into 2009, the time has come for us to take a comprehensive look at 2008:


Snow on mars
Mystery insect in London
Fetus in a man(was he gay or something?)(even gays don't have babies...)
Virgin-born shark
Melamine in Chinese milk
iPhone "kill switch
Seven human feet washed up on Pacific N.W. coast
Red Sox jersey in Yankee Stadium concrete
Marijuana in 2700 year old Chinese tomb
Lost Beatles interview from 1964


First man made neurons created from ALS patients' stem cells
Inflamation vs. cholesterol in heart disease
Scarless surgery
Genomes of and for the masses
New genes unlock Alzehimer's
A five-in-one vaccine
Gene screen for breast cancer
Alternative test for Down Syn.
Seasick patch for cancer patients
Stem-cell trachea transplant


Obama: Yes We Can
McCain: Country First
Clinton: Solutions for America
Huckabee: Faith. Family. Freedom (lousey slog.)
Romney: True Strength for America's future
Giullani: Tested. Ready. Now
Edwards: Tommorow Begins Today!
Thompson: Security. Unity. Prosperity
Paul: Hope for America
Gravel: Let the People Decide


Wall E
4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Slumdog Millionaire
Speed Racer
Iron Man
My Winnipeg
Encounters at the End of the World


Toyota Prius
Honda Civic hybrid
Nissan Altima hybrid
Toyota Camry hybrid
Ford Escape/Mecury Mariner/Mazda Tribute hybrids
Toyota Yaris
Toyota Corolla
Honda Fit
Honda Civic
Nissan Versa


Schindler's List
Harper's Index
Billboard Top 10 Singles Charts
Letterman's Top Ten
TIME's TOP 10 Lists
FBI's blacklists
FAA's no-fly list
Franz Lizt
Ten Commandments
Grocery lists

THE "END"(not exactly; the lists I wrote were not ALL of what TIME published in their December 22, 2008 issue)